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The International Mining Economic Forum (Górnicze Forum Ekonomiczne) is a conference that treats traditional business problems in an innovative and modern way. The International Mining Economic Forum is a multi-thread meeting of scientists with practices in mining and mining-related sectors, focused on matters regarding the effective functioning of companies. The conference is an opportunity to learn about the best global practices successfully implemented in the demanding mining sector. During the meeting, there will be discussions and debates about market trends and challenges related to management, economics, organization and finances of companies operating in the mining sector and sectors related to mining. The exchange of experience and views will also be implemented through presentations of scientific articles that position practical problems in the area of current research and development trends.

The International Mining Economic Forum will contribute to raising awareness and forming opinions about the mining sector in the view of transparent creation of its image and its large significance in the business, social and natural environment context.

Organizing Committee Chair

Arkadiusz Kustra, PhD hab. Eng.